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Industrial automation is developing rapidly. Starting now, can you keep up with the times?

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  I have known several people who do fixture design before, and they have gradually transformed into automation, so I really want to ask you if there is a prospect for switching to automation now?

  What do you think of the future of automation? Is it too late to start learning industrial automation?

  First introduce what is automation?

  Automation (Automation) refers to machine equipment, system or process (production, management process) without the direct participation of people or less people, according to human requirements, through automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, manipulation and control to achieve expectations The goal of the process. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical care, services and households. The use of automation technology can not only liberate people from heavy physical labor, part of mental labor, and harsh and dangerous working environments, but also expand human organ functions, greatly increase labor productivity, and enhance human ability to understand and transform the world .

  Therefore, automation is an important condition and a significant symbol for the modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense, and science and technology.

  Through reading from many sources, the development of automation in other fields that the editor thinks is also quite powerful, such as:

  The office automation system is a comprehensive project involving a wide range of areas, a large amount of capital, and a long construction period. In the development, it is advisable to implement step by step and advance gradually, so as to avoid detours and avoid waste. Long-term consideration should be given to the overall design, equipment selection, network formation, and software configuration, and strive to benefit from a long-term investment; the program development should be carried out in stages, with easy first and then difficult, rolling forward, and reserved interfaces for expansion. The design of the system should be based on existing conditions, make use of existing technical equipment as much as possible, and cannot blindly pursue high-end and high investment. Microcomputer networking has the characteristics of low investment, short development cycle, large choice of software and hardware, and convenient expansion. The advantages of the microcomputer network can ensure the full use of the existing tools, so that the system is invested step by step, gradually expanded, and finally completed the overall electronic process of the grassroots industry

  The development trend of foreign automation technology is systematization, flexibility, integration and intelligence.

  Automation technology continues to improve the technological level and market competitiveness of optoelectronics, automated control systems, traditional manufacturing and other industries. Its integration and innovation with optoelectronics, computers, and information technology continue to create and form new economic growth points for the industry, and at the same time continue to provide new Philosophy of management strategy for the development of the industry.

  Automation includes: process automation, machine manufacturing automation, management automation, etc.

  Below we mainly discuss the development of mechanical automation

  Mechanical automation refers to the replacement of manual labor by machines, no manual operation of the machine is required, and only mechanical equipment components or energy sources are needed to automatically complete the work. In a narrow sense, it is a mechanism that uses scientific knowledge and application tools such as biochemistry, computers, communications, electromechanics, water conservancy, and steam to reduce or simplify or replace human work. What we are talking about nowadays is not the previous automatic control, adjustment, compensation, and identification, but a higher level of automation such as self-learning, organization, maintenance and repair. With the rapid development of social economy, technology is constantly updated and advanced,

  Since the 1920s, mechanical modernization has developed at a rapid pace, and the progress is obvious to all. Especially in the recent years when computer integration has been highly developed, the development speed of mechanical automation has been considerable. However, my country's mechanical automation is still in its infancy. We are currently only a large production country, not a strong country technically, and we have fewer independent brands.

  For example, some parts in the automobile and other fields are not completely our own. We cannot fully automate or implement high-level automation. At present, our economic production can only create value for others. In the process of the development of mechanical automation, we must consider our national conditions and make progress step by step. We will work together to learn core technologies, avoid unnecessary errors and losses, and digest and absorb advanced foreign technologies to be suitable for our country’s modernization. The production technology creates conditions that are conducive to our automation, and strives to enter the advanced ideal stage of the world's advanced level of mechanical automation as soon as possible. Mechanical automation is a technology of the 21st century, and it is a new technology with a certain field of scope; mechanical automation technology is a technology for industry to improve the comprehensive economic and social benefits of manufacturing; mechanical automation is a systematic engineering in the production process. It is necessary to have a competitive technology in the world, and unify the core time, quality and cost of competition. Mechanical automation is to improve production safety, production efficiency, product quality, and reduce the loss of raw materials and energy.

  The development of talent automation is also quite rapid.

  Talent "automated" to improve work efficiency. With the progress of the times and the rapid changes in science and technology, China’s economic construction is also developing rapidly, but to keep up with the tide of the world economy, it is necessary to use mechanical automation technology to develop faster and better to maximize the economic benefits of automation and society. benefit. We need to form effective development ideas and clear plans to keep up with the development trend of the world's mechanical automation technology, take the best of the world's mechanical automation, discard its dross, and not blindly, do a good job in the introduction, digestion, and digestion of new technologies in various industries. Absorbing and developing work can make our country's automation level keep pace with the world, so that automation can truly serve the country's economic construction, serve well, and bring a lot of economic and social benefits to the motherland. Ensure the rapid and stable development of the motherland.

  Having said so many things, in fact, the editor thinks that automation is still very promising. After all, everything is becoming intelligent, improving efficiency and saving manpower.

  Like many high-tech companies, the workshops have realized unmanned management, all management is directly through the system, which directly reduces the manpower investment, and the things made are highly consistent, and there will be no individual defects.

  Talent automation, office automation, factory automation, and even management are all automated. It’s impossible to think about efficiency and quality.

  Industry 4.0 is slowly developing and growing. If you want to apply it yourself, you still have to learn more, enrich yourself, and keep up with the pace of the times.